Most Epic Android Games 2017


most epic android games 2017 Epic Android Games of 2017 – 2016 was a really great year, many awesome techs were released, and new dimensions of entertainment came out. This year was also great for mobile android games, android had the most awesome games till now with more than a million downloads and happy hours playing it. Android gaming has entered a new era with the most entertaining android games out there. The art is great as well, 3D, pixel, vector, and realism, you will find it all.


Here we are talking about the most epic android games of 2017 that have made people cringe, sweat and laugh, all around the world throughout 2016.


Clash Royale         

Supercell released the much-awaited sequel of their prior android game. Clash of Clans, all the playable characters are present, along with a whole new set of characters with newer capabilities. The gameplay is also unique, you have to send your troops as cards on a dueling ground. You will have 2 guard towers and a king tower, so will the opponent. The motive is simple, break more crown towers (guard and king towers) and get more crowns than the opponent before the duel ends. The game is packed with awesome sounds of people cheering in the arena and the chorus of the countdown gives the real feel of the arena battle. Plus, they now have a clash-a-drama series of web cartoon episodes too, go check it out!


Rayman Adventures

Ubisoft’s Rayman has already come to android but it was just in the form of endless runners or puzzles. Rayman Adventures is a complete game, same as the PC’s Rayman Legends. Run, fight and play through beautifully designed levels and solve puzzles, collect objects and defeat ridiculous bosses. The whole thing is now on your phone, why aren’t you playing it already?


Pokémon GO!

The epic android games responsible for thousand of news headlines worldwide, including locations ofpokémon is worth keeping it on the list. This game has taken the world like a storm, and now this epic game has been finally officially released in India. You can put your hands on this android game with the best functionality in your area. Capture Pokémons, level them up, and evolve them. Find Pokéstops, get refueled and reloaded. Finally, find gyms, battle them and capture them. Like the Pokémon life!


Dan The Man

A kickass game by Halfbrick Studios, yes the Fruit Ninja ones, this game is all about beating, the sequel fighting, hitting and breaking throughout. This was actually a web cartoon series that had aired 7 episodes on YouTube and the 8th episode came out so epic that the studio decided to make it an android game of it. You start with Dan, the man, and fight through challenging yet fun stages, leveling up and collecting coins. You these coins to unlock abilities, power-ups, and new characters. The pixel art is also great and gives the image of the good old days.


Asphalt Xtreme

We are talking about the most epic android games of 2016, how can we leave out theAsphalt series? Asphalt Xtreme is the latest addition to the series, but the first ever to go off the road.  Yes, you have to race on marshes, creeks and everything in between. The game is free (and huge) as are the other android games of the series. The controls are simple too, tilt the phone to steer, tap the left side of the screen for breaks and the right side for boost. Refill your boost by picking up canisters or by doing so stunts like, drifting and jumps.


Sky Force Reloaded

A real fun epic android games, it falls in the vertical scrolling shoot ‘em up genre. Sky Force Relate sequel of the groundbreaking Sky Force 2014. The story continues after the defeat of General Mantis, as her daughter takes reigns to take revenge for her fallen father. You will be treated with amazing graphics that are a blend of pixel art and 3D, this game also has a deeply detailed upgrading system and to top it all, a frantic gameplay.  Fly through laser blasting tanks, turrets, and helicopters and have an epic fun in this one android game.


Real Racing 3

Who wouldn’t know this epic android games of racing that first came out for PC and consoles? This game
has got its android feet now. Take control over the hottest cars and race for the love of it. The best-rendered racing game on mobile, you would never feel like you are playing an android game. The game has the perfect physics and better controls that the previous versions. The highest rated graphics of this game make it worth the download. And, who hates a racing game with realistic graphics? Go play it now!


Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

One of my personal favorites, this was originally a well-appraised game originally release for PC, PS4 and Xbox. Now packed into an epic android game, this tells an emotional story of two brothers in a fictional land with fabled monsters and NPCs. Though paid but you won’t regret buying it. The game tells the story of the brothers who haven’t yet overcome the death of their mother and now have to go through fantastically made lands, trekking, to find the cure for their dying father. The game revolves around their journey to the Tree of Life and back. Our advice is to try playing the whole game at once and try not to cry.


Star Knight

If you love the anime style, huge sword wielder, fighting game, then this is made just for

you. Battle through challenging levels with a variety of enemies. Level up with the detailed system and have fun slashing away to glory. This paid game assures you only one thing, once you start playing this game, you can’t put it down.




Ok, we admit that this game was not released in 2016, but this is such an awesome game that it would be a crime not to mention it. This game has heavily updated in 2016, thus adding this game to the list is justified.

The mechanics are simple, the screen will present you with bubbles that appear at different parts of the screen and a black trigger bar will be moving up and down throughout the screen, your motive is to pop the bubbles as their centers fall on the trigger bar. But wait, the bubbles are connected to a specific beat of the track being played in the background, thus it feels as if you’re playing the music yourself. There are a lot of tracks in the game and in 2016 this epic android game got a new chapter celebrating the 10 million downloads. If you are a lover of music, go ahead and download this game. It’s free!


Many epic android games came and went by, but we could only keep 10. Did your favorite one didn’t appear on the list? Comment us. Did you find some new game? Well, we made this list just for that. Go ahead, play them and enjoy!

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